LED Neon Table Lamps

Night Lights & Neon Sculptures

If you’re looking for a quirky way to decorate any space with trendy neon art without creating a feature wall - check out these awesome neon lamps and sculptures! These unique décor elements are a cool modern take on the vintage neon sign and can be used as night lights, table lamps, floor lamps, shelf art, or for bringing any surface to life. They’re a cute gift idea that looks great in the bedroom, living room, nursery or office – we’ve even made them for restaurants, bars and shops.

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Decorative Art and Novelty Light Ideas

One of the great things about light art is that we can design a statement piece based on anything you love. You could get gorgeous hearts for your bedside table, a cool cactus desk lamp, or a cute moon shaped night light – whatever your style is, we can create something to express it. Here are some trendy design ideas:



Love hearts



Light bulbs

Space (moon, stars)

Pets (cats, dogs)

Emojis (smiley, lips, mouth)

Lightning Bolts

Trees (cactus, palm trees)

Symbols ($ dollar, # hash)


Food and drinks (ice cream, coffee)

Expressions (Oh/Ok, ZZZ, XO)


Fruit (pineapples, bananas, cherries)

Music (guitar, musical notes)


Themed (superhero, Disney)

Personalized (names)

Photo-Worthy Room Decor

Check out any interior design magazine or blog and you'll notice one of the hottest modern decorating trends is neon décor lights. Now that it's become a social media sensation, everybody wants to get their own Instagram-worthy light art. From chic heart lamps to flashy flamingo sculptures, Custom Neon can create the perfect statement piece for your space.

Neon Table Lamps

Take your neon lighting off the walls and brighten up your desk or table with a trendy sculpture lamp! Our decorative lamps are created by moulding neon flex into quirky shapes or chic letter art which is attached to a base and can be placed on your nightstand, end table, coffee table, dresser, desk or anywhere to instantly add personality and a lovely neon glow to the space. They're also ultra-portable so you can move them around the room and refresh your décor with ease.

Neon LED Night Lights

Check out our night lights and lamps for kids rooms to add playful illumination to your little one's space. Comfort your children at bed time with a charming night light or add whimsy to their bedroom with a cool novelty lamp. Choose unique shapes that your kids will cherish – we can create magical unicorn lamps, striking lightning bolts, cute cloud nightlights and more – and get a remote and dimmer so you can turn down the brightness when bedtime arrives.

Freestanding Neon Sculptures

Our standard signs are backed on a clear, acrylic backboard and ready for easy DIY wall installation. To create a self-supporting light sculpture, we offer two different backing options. If you opt for a stand, your lights will be mounted on a small transparent base – or you can choose an acrylic box and your art will be enclosed in a high quality, clear glossy case. We can also provide colored backboards in black, white, silver, gold or even reflective mirror backing – just let us know what you're looking for.

Decorative Lights for Home

"The neon light trend has been shining bright for a good few seasons now and is certainly set to continue" says Claire Woodward, the senior buyer of lighting from a major European designer department store - "from statement custom signs to small quirky table lamps, a neon light brings a sense of fun and personality to any room in an instant and makes for a great talking point".

Celebrity Light Art

Celebrities are embracing the neon trend too - the Beckhams purchased a beautiful Tracey Emin heart sign for their home, and model Kate Moss spent over $100,000 to get her name in pink lights because whenever she looks at it, it makes her "feel like a rock star!" You don't need to blow the bank to get your very own neon sculpture – check out the affordable lights in our shop.

LED Neon Flex vs Traditional Neon Tubes

Traditional neon signs consist of glass tubes that contain neon or argon gas. Electricity must be supplied to neon tubes at high voltages, exciting the atoms in the gases, causing them to emit light. Our lights are made from modern neon flex - they contain no gases or fragile glass tubing and use much less power compared to traditional signs. They're safer, more cost effective, and better for the environment, which is why many homes and businesses are choosing LED light signs.